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Walleye Delay

I arose before sunrise on a calm day to go fishing for walleye. Although it was a picture-perfect day, the fishing was slow. With only one walleye, after a few hours of fishing, it was time to be done. On the way in, I spotted a couple fishing from a dock, and decided to offer my fish to them. Thankful for the fish,  the man said he'd go clean it right away.  I handed the fish from the live-well into his hands and watched him turn for shore. He had walked the length of the dock, when he decided, for some reason, to  spin around and head back to me. As he came back to me, the walleye flipped from his hands and into the water. His delay had cost them a tasty meal.

2 Corinthians 10:5 says "......and take every thought captive to obey Christ." We have the ability to not delay and take every thought captive before it enters our heart. God's Word is clear that we need to battle to keep our thoughts pure. It is also written that we have the power to do so.

Matthew 4:4 says, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God." Knowing and using God's Word is our weapon to take down every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.  If we are angry, quote James 1:19-20, or want to grumble, quote Phil 2:14.

If we delay in taking our unrighteous thoughts captive, we will become like them. We need to clean them right away!! Do not step back, go forward in the power of His Word to experience the joy of being an obedient child of God.

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He Hears Our Cries

“Then the Lord said, “I have surely seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters. I know their sufferings, and I have come down to deliver them … Ex. 3:7-8

When life gets hard, we can fool ourselves into thinking that God is not here, not around, doesn’t care, is busy with other things, and other falsehoods. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When God showed Himself to Moses in the burning bush in Exodus 3, He told Moses very clearly why He had come down to deliver His people. He said He saw their afflictions, He heard their cry, He knew their sufferings. Father God is concerned about the suffering of His people, His children, and He moves. He acts. He comes down to deliver them.

Psalm 106:44-45 tells a similar story: “Nevertheless, he looked upon their distress, when he heard their cry. For their sake he remembered his covenant, and relented according to the abundance of his steadfast love.” It’s love that causes Him to act.

Where are you crying out to the Lord today? You are in good company. “In the days of his flesh, Jesus offered up prayers and supplications, with loud cries and tears, to him who was able to save him …” (Heb. 5:7). Let’s trust that God sees our afflictions, knows our sufferings, and will come down to deliver us. He is still in the business of redemption. He hears the cries of our hearts.

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