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Good Works/Urgent Need

And let our people learn to devote themselves to good works, so as to help cases of urgent need, and not be unfruitful.
Titus 3:14

One major theme of the book of Titus is that the gospel by it’s nature produces godliness when embraced, whereas false doctrine doesn't. Paul, while covering details of his every-day ministry work in the closing sentences of his letter, restates this theme with a charge to Titus. Christians (“our people”) should do good things, some of which will help in cases of urgent need. 

The gospel makes our lives godly. Because we’ve been changed, good comes out of us. Paul says this good should help in cases of “urgent need.” There are many of these cases, so I do not want to bind your conscience as to which one you MUST respond to in order to be obedient to this verse. But, as a sinner who needs this encouragement more than you do, I bring to your attention one case of urgent need in the world today: people all over the world who, because of many different variables, do not know when they will eat next. One in nine people in the world suffers from chronic malnourishment; they go 24 hours without food. If you want to help feed the hungry all over the world, you can just go to From there, click "volunteer" or "donate.” Let’s respond. The gospel gives us good works for urgent needs.

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Forgive Myself?

“I, I am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake, and I will not remember your sins”. – Isaiah 43:25
Where in the Word of God are we ever told that we must “forgive ourselves”? We’re not. Forgiveness belongs to the Lord alone. Why? Because our transgressions are against HIM. He has written His holy law on our hearts and minds (Heb. 8:10) and when we break it, the sense of shame, guilt, and regret are meant to drive us on our faces to the Father, and seek HIS forgiveness.
In Psalm 51, David declares, “Against You and You only have I sinned and done what is evil in Your sight…” He goes further in repentance to ask the Lord to deliver him from “guilt”. David knew that soul and sole restoration was only found in the Lord.
David tasted the REAL power of forgiveness- so powerful it can remove even the guilt of sin! So powerful, that it removes transgressions- blots them out! And the best part is that God does all of this for the sake of HIS OWN NAME! It brings Him great glory to redeem, and forgive! Who else can forgive like our God?
If you’re struggling to “forgive yourself”, look to the beautiful face of your Savior. He alone offered Himself as a sacrifice once and for all to cover all the sins of mankind, and remove our guilt! Ask Him to increase your faith in His completed work. Rest in His forgiveness over you today.

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