This Is Who We Are: We’re Vertical

We’re a community of men, women, teenagers, and children who are looking VERTICALLY to know how to live in this primarily here-and-now culture. We’re not a community that’s focusing on all the things we’re against, instead we’re reaching toward and teaching about all the things that Jesus is for. We’re for new salvations, soul-level healing, grace-filled relationships, big prayers, passionate and Christ-centered worship, sacrificial serving, fearless men, secure women, inspired teenagers, maturing children, pioneering leaders, multiple churches, and spirit-filled influence that will change the world.

We’re a church that’s needed. We’re a church that’s going to grow. We’re a church that’s not going to settle for mediocre experiences and status quo Christianity.

We’re a VERTICAL community and we serve and worship and are inspired by a God who always pursues us, always loves us, and is always willing to make us more like Jesus Christ.

Our best days are ahead and we know that this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes!