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He Owns the Hammer Made Shirt Co.?

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Winston Churchill was known for saying, "My tastes are simple. I am easily satisfied with the best."
True confession. I can resonate with Churchill. I really love things that are known to be the best. I'd rather eat at a skillfully prepared steak at Capitol Grille than choke down a piece of meat at The Sizzler. I prefer to take a trip across the country in the exclusive comforts of first class rather than cram myself into the pampering-starved experience of discount airlines. I'd rather enjoy a scoop or two of Sebastian Joe's homemade ice cream in Uptown than be disappointed by cheap grocery store wannabes. 
Another true confession. I've never ever flown first class. Maybe someday. I've also never ever bought a men's shirt that retailed for over $100. But this year I wanted a more expensive shirt. Lately I've been on this kick to accumulate less but purchase better quality stuff. 
So, my heart was set on acquiring a truly quality shirt from Hammer Made shirts; shirts based right here in Minneapolis. They're expensive though. They easily retail over $100. 
I couldn't pull the trigger. I just couldn't convince myself to spend that much money on a shirt. 
Then Christmas comes along and I open a box lovingly wrapped by my children. Past Christmas gifts from my children included things like a multi-faceted hammer retailing at $3.99, a bobblehead fishermen with a spot to put a picture of my face on its face, and various things like candy and socks and other things that I've quickly forgotten. 
But the content inside this box was different. It was a men's shirt. A nice shirt. A really nice shirt. I pulled it out of the cardboard gift box and raised it high and glanced at the tag. It was made by Hammer Made. 
No way. 
"How did you guys afford to buy me a Hammer Made shirt?!", I asked with big-time excitement. 
My oldest daughter Mariah didn't realize that she nanny's for the owner and founder of Hammer Made shirts. This Christmas he gave her a special gift card and told her to go to one of his stores and pick out any shirt for her dad and give it to him at Christmas. 
"Wait, you work for the guy who owns the Hammer Made shirt company?" I was shocked. And then I wanted to scold her for not knowing. Kidding. Sort of. 
Mariah had no idea that I really wanted a Hammer Made shirt. 
But God did. God totally knew. 
We're not always going to get everything we want. But God is often willing to give us the desires of our hearts. And sometimes he'll do it in ways that will truly make us want to get on our faces and simply worship Him out of gratitude and joy. 
Keep trusting our great and caring Lord! He knows and he's very kind. 
You Are Loved, 
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What if Church Fried Your Chicken?

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Say what? Here's where I'm going with this title. It's all about efficacy. To be efficacious means to produce a desired result or outcome. 
Meaning this, if you go to Jiffy Lube, a place that promises to change your oil, and instead they paint your car purple, you'll cry foul because your intention was not a paint job but an oil change. 
If you visit McDonald's and stand in line to order food but instead they hand you live farm animals when you order, then you didn't achieve your intended goal, nor did they fulfill their intended purpose for existing as a fast-food restaurant. 
A place of business or an organization should focus on and deliver its intended and stated and marketed reason for existing.
So, I walk into a dry cleaner and when I pick up my shirts they've been steamed and pressed and neatly packaged. That's what they promised and that's what I received. 
It's the same responsibility for churches. Churches don't exist to fry people's chickens. Church isn't in the fast-food business. I don't give my life to a local church with the intended purpose of eating really good southern-fried poultry. Listen, I'm not against fried chicken, I just don't expect my local church to cook it up for me every Sunday
Why does church exist then? Church exists to glorify God by making disciples. Period. That's what should be happening every Sunday and every week in the local church in your community. That's the focus. That's the intended purpose. And therefore, that should be what's happening with the people that are choosing to give their time and resources and energy to a local church. Church people should become more and more like Jesus's followers. 
Churches make disciples. It's really serious business. Do you see? Churches, for example, aren't primarily social clubs. If a person walks into a church with the intended purpose of becoming more like Jesus and yet all that's happened after a few months is that they have a brand-new social "club" to hit every weekend then there's something seriously wrong. Their local church should re-focus its efforts on why it exists. 
So, churches, fulfill your intended reasons for existing. Make disciples! And church people, be a part of a local church because you want to become more like Jesus. 
Churches should be producing people that look more like Jesus. That's the intended purpose. That's the reason churches exist. 
You Are Loved!
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