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Agenda Impossible Would Disappoint as a Movie

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Looks like another Mission Impossible movie is coming out summer 2018. I'm a sucker for those movies and so I'll probably spend the twelve dollars to be entertained.
To me, it's a compelling storyline when the good guys are on the same page to accomplish a mission. The mission's never easy, it's nearly impossible to complete, but it's always exciting.
The movie would totally stink, though, if Tom Cruise's character was all about trying to fulfill a personal agenda instead of completing a collective mission. That's what the bad guys do. They're always the ones robbing banks and blowing up buildings with the sole purpose of accomplishing self-serving wins.
Agenda Impossible just isn't a movie that I want to pay to see.
Mission is where you and I want to focus, and not just in the movies. Actually, mission is way more compelling in real life than in Hollywood.
Have you ever stopped to think about whether your life is all about a personal agenda versus a compelling mission?
Whenever given the choice, pick mission over agenda. In the realm of youth sports, when you're confronted with the opportunity to jump on a disgruntled parent's over-the-top, coach-bashing bandwagon or to support the team's overall mission of improving and winning a championship, always choose to support the mission.
When tempted with the opportunity to join forces with a poisoned employee and complain about a manager or to continue to move toward the company's direction of being number one in its industry, always choose mission.
People who deflect blame and complain about others are a dime a dozen. People who focus on mission are more rare but actually do help to change the world around them.
Besides, the disgruntled sports dad is merely and obviously trying to find a few friends to help him accomplish his self-serving goal of getting his son or daughter to score more points or get more playing time or play the position he or she was "born to play."
And the poisoned employee is most likely on the way out of the company anyway and they're strategically trying to take as many people with them as they can. You don't need to be caught up in that mess.
Mission is where it's at.
Mission is what Jesus gave to His disciples. He never told them to go and try to discover what their personal agenda should be. Instead, he gave them all a compelling and collective mission to align their lives.
The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Get after it. It's the greatest adventure in life.
You Are Loved!
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A Marijuana Pipe and Billy Graham

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There was anticipation in the air on one particular night back in Scott's high school days. Scott's a recent friend of mine. He lives and works in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis.

Anyway, a bunch of Scott's friends were pumped about trying a newly discovered marijuana-smoking doohickey.

Scott's usual social cadence was to go along with the party scene and puff away at the mundane of the here and now. Getting high was normal. It was life. But something was different this night. For some reason, Scott decided to withdraw. He stayed home.

While at home, he became uncomfortably exposed to a Bible. That was weird for Scott. He didn't want anything to do with its ancient black and white pages. It wasn't him. Not his style.

So in order to get that odd Bible-reading moment washed from his memory, and never to return to it, he turned on the family television. He was looking for a Hollywood-sized distraction.

This was years ago, so Scott was actually turning a dial that was attached to the television. After turning a few times, he stopped. For some reason, he decided to stop the dial on an older-looking gentleman who was literally preaching about the Lord of that same Bible that Scott was trying to outrun.

He didn't know why he stopped on a preacher but he did. He watched and he listened. He was glued to the simple yet passionate voice of Billy Graham. Scott had no idea who he was. He'd never heard of him.

But Scott listened. As he listened, something deeper inside of him began to listen. His heart was opening up. He was somehow attracted to the news, the Good News, that Jesus Christ died on the cross for sinners. Jesus died even for a sinner like Scott.

At one point, at the end, of the message, Billy said, "The buses will wait for everyone." Simply meaning, we're not leaving until everyone who wants to put their faith in Jesus Christ comes forward to make that life-altering decision.

It was at that moment that Scott poured tears out of his eyes like never before. He cried so hard and repented of his sin so clearly that he began to experience a high like never before. He felt cleanness and forgiveness. Light and not darkness. Jesus and not self.

Scott was saved.

Billy Graham died today but his legacy lives on through so many who realized that Jesus Christ is the only way to true peace and love.

Thank you, Billy Graham. You were one of my heroes. You were the first reason I began to think I might want to preach the Gospel one day.

You Are Loved!

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