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Your Wife Is Afraid to Tell You This

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She's Tired. The dishes aren't going to clean themselves. Soccer practice isn't going to conveniently drive itself to your backyard. Grades aren't going to improve all by themselves. There's so much routine. There's so much repetitive effort. Don't get me wrong, she loves to show love by doing these incredibly loving things, but she's tired. Simply tired. 
So, husband, notice her. Notice the routine. Thank her. Let her know that the household runs so much smoother because of the great care she takes to make sure things happen. So much happens because of her. So, help her. Do something you don't normally do. She needs a break. Even one little change in your routine will make a big difference in her routine. 
She's Dreamy. It's not that there's fifty dreams in her heart that need to come true. Seriously, there's not. She's not that needy. However, there are a few really important ones. It's different for every wife; somewhat different. She might have dreams of financial stability. Perhaps she dreams dreams of memorable, annual family vacations. You know, the whole family's together and memories are made by each scoop of ice cream consumed at the town parlor. Maybe her dream is for clarity for the future. She wants to know the plan. What's the plan?
Husband, she wants you to dream with her. Actually, she'd love for you to help lead the way. She wants to know you think about your family often. She wants to know that you have a vision for what your family can be. Pray with her. Ask the Lord to direct your steps. Dream. Let her know you can see the whole family going on a mission's trip every other year or vacationing at your favorite spot in California every year. Use your imagination. She'll smile. No, she'll laugh with joy. 
She's Special. There's no one on earth quite like her. She's different. She's unique. No one smiles like her or laughs like her. There's no woman on earth that thinks exactly how she thinks. She's special. And you know what, her physical appearance is special, too. She's unique and she's incredibly beautiful. She's your standard of beauty. 
So, you know what, appreciate her. Tell her. Look her in the eyes and behold her beauty. Cherish her. You don't need to fantasize about anyone else or set your eyes on images that aren't her. Keep your marriage bed pure. She's all you need. Water where you're planted. As you do, your passion for one another will grow wildly satisfying. 
Men, you have a woman, an amazing wife, to live alongside. Make every moment count. 
You Are Loved! 

Your Husband Is Afraid to Tell You This

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He's Hurting. Men have wounds. Deep wounds. Father wounds. Expectation wounds. Wounds from lost dreams. Words, even. Hurtful words. Words that destroyed something inside him long ago. 
So, pray for your husband. Pray that he'll heal. Slowly but gently and lovingly ask your husband where he needs your help and nurturing. Encourage him to talk to someone who can give him insight and wisdom.  
He's Bored. Routine is sucking the life out of him. Youthful dreams died long ago and he's in maintenance mode. Go to bed. Wake up. Shower. Eat. Drive to work. Perform. Drive home. Eat. Hopefully spend some quality time with family. Watch TV. It's possible that his heart rate hasn't gone up in months. Maybe nothing has made his pulse quicken. 
So, sit down with your husband. Talk. Brainstorm how both you and he can step out in faith. Create an even larger vision for your family, your marriage, and life. Tell him you believe in him and that it's time to seek the Lord for more. 
He's Needy. Sexually, of course. A man's sexual rhythm is usually every 3-4 days. A woman's is normally 6-7 days. Kind of a big difference. Emotionally, as well. He needs your encouragement more than you could ever know. Physically, too. He needs to shake off the cobwebs. Exercise. Eat better. He's losing energy and stamina because he's not taking care of himself. 
So, encourage him. Surprise him with a text while he's at work and affirm him. Tell him how much he means to you. Thank him for providing for you and your family. Shock him with a sexual advancement. Tell him the kids are taken care of and tonight is for the two of you only. 
Wife, there's no pressure on you to be everything for your husband. Jesus needs to be his first love and his deepest love. However, the more you help him become the man God wants him to be, the more you're going to thrive as well. It benefits both of you. 
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You Are Loved!