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Your Husband Is Afraid to Tell You This

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He's Hurting. Men have wounds. Deep wounds. Father wounds. Expectation wounds. Wounds from lost dreams. Words, even. Hurtful words. Words that destroyed something inside him long ago. 
So, pray for your husband. Pray that he'll heal. Slowly but gently and lovingly ask your husband where he needs your help and nurturing. Encourage him to talk to someone who can give him insight and wisdom.  
He's Bored. Routine is sucking the life out of him. Youthful dreams died long ago and he's in maintenance mode. Go to bed. Wake up. Shower. Eat. Drive to work. Perform. Drive home. Eat. Hopefully spend some quality time with family. Watch TV. It's possible that his heart rate hasn't gone up in months. Maybe nothing has made his pulse quicken. 
So, sit down with your husband. Talk. Brainstorm how both you and he can step out in faith. Create an even larger vision for your family, your marriage, and life. Tell him you believe in him and that it's time to seek the Lord for more. 
He's Needy. Sexually, of course. A man's sexual rhythm is usually every 3-4 days. A woman's is normally 6-7 days. Kind of a big difference. Emotionally, as well. He needs your encouragement more than you could ever know. Physically, too. He needs to shake off the cobwebs. Exercise. Eat better. He's losing energy and stamina because he's not taking care of himself. 
So, encourage him. Surprise him with a text while he's at work and affirm him. Tell him how much he means to you. Thank him for providing for you and your family. Shock him with a sexual advancement. Tell him the kids are taken care of and tonight is for the two of you only. 
Wife, there's no pressure on you to be everything for your husband. Jesus needs to be his first love and his deepest love. However, the more you help him become the man God wants him to be, the more you're going to thrive as well. It benefits both of you. 
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You Are Loved!

Your Child Might Be a Christian

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Raise up a child in the way he (or she) should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Have you ever read or heard of this verse in Proverbs?
It's not a guaranteed promise but a general rule. It's kind of like when a mom says, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Eating healthy probably does keep us away from the clinic but it doesn't guarantee it. However, we'd all be wise to eat well and then take our chances from there. 
It's the same thing with this proverb in Proverbs. It's very possible and even likely that your child will live the way they were brought up but it's not a for-sure guarantee. 
Each child comes out of the womb completely sinful. None of us has to teach our children to lie, cheat, steal, talk back, be insecure, make poor decisions, etc. Every boy and girl in history comes fully equipped to disappoint themselves and others. 
So, every parent is called to raise their children in a home that teaches strong values. You know, values like love, respect, hard work, etc. Actually, every parent should also be teaching their children that life is first and foremost all about worshiping Jesus Christ and living for Him and Him alone. 
Every parent wants their child to go to heaven, right? If so, then we have to teach them that Jesus is the only way to that destination. 
But even if your home is the most Jesus-filled home on the planet, it doesn't guarantee that your child will follow and love Jesus also. 
They have to make that decision for themselves. They need to choose. So, pray that their hearts will melt for Jesus because your faith (and your good parenting) isn't enough. 
You Are Loved!