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Who Is Church For?

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Have you ever wondered who church is really for? Is it for religious people? Is it for hurting people? Is it for really sinful people or mostly sinful people? 
Is it for outgoing people? Quiet people? Happy people? Sad people? Is church for the narrow-minded or the gullible? Is it only for the really faithful?
Listen, church is for all kinds of people but it's first and foremost for Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone. Church exists so that all kinds of people will humble themselves and worship Jesus. 
When you make church about YOU, church stinks. When we make church about Jesus, it's amazing. The higher and more passionately we lift high the name of Jesus, the more we're going to actually encounter Jesus and be changed by His amazing grace. 
Church is supposed to be VERTICAL. Church isn't supposed to be about us. It's for sure not supposed to be horizontal. Horizontal is hopeless. Vertical is life-changing. 
So, what should you do? Do this. Find yourself a vertical church. Find yourself a church that's willing to put Jesus Christ first. You don't want a church that pretends to give you everything you want. You want a church that tries to give you everything you NEED. 
And you NEED to magnify Jesus with your life. When you do, life is unbelievably fulfilling. 
Last thing. Here's a description of a Vertical Church in Maple Grove, MN. If it inspires you, you might want to check it out. 
Here it is:
Vertical Church is becoming a community of men, women, teenagers, and children who are looking VERTICALLY to know how to live in this primarily here-and-now culture. We’re not a community that’s focusing on all the things we’re against, instead we’re reaching toward and teaching about all the things that Jesus is for. We’re for new salvations, soul-level healing, grace-filled relationships, big prayers, passionate and Christ-centered worship, sacrificial serving, fearless men, secure women, inspired teenagers, maturing children, pioneering leaders, multiple churches, and spirit-filled influence that will change the world.