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Let Fear Serve You

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How often does fear hold you back? How many times this week alone, and it's only Wednesday, has fear held you back from taking a step forward? 
Fear paralyzes. You know that. But maybe you didn't realize that fear magnifies. It does. Fear makes problems appear larger than they really are. 
There's power in fear. Actually, it's kind of like fire. Fire in a fireplace performs a wonderful purpose of warming a house or creating an intimate atmosphere for you and a special person. Fire on your carpet and roaring through your kitchen cabinets is a very real problem. 
Fear has to be controlled. Fear must serve you. If fear controls you, then fear is going to burn through your soul and destroy your energy, your faith, and your enthusiasm for life. 
However, if you control fear, or better yet, if you channel your fear onto its proper object then fear will actually serve you. 
Fear can actually work in your favor. If fear magnifies then fear can truly be an asset. It's a gift that can actually right size or enlarge the best things in life, or the greatest person in your life. And the greatest person in your life is Jesus Christ. He grows larger and more awesome when you fear Him.  
So, place your fear on the Lord. Why? Because when you fear the Lord, you magnify the Lord. He grows. His attributes grow. 
And the end result is that the Lord becomes larger, way larger, than your problems. 
So, be encouraged and let fear serve you. 
You are Loved! 

Why Do I Hate Church?

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It's very possible you can't stand going to church. Sometimes it's just good to stop and admit that reality. One of the first steps in making significant change is defining reality. So, just take a moment and self declare your angst over going to church. 
There you go. Just let it out. Okay, hope that was helpful. 
Now, take a moment and get specific. List all the reasons why the thought of going to church every Sunday makes you want to throw up. 
Let me help. Maybe it's because Sunday's your only day to sleep in? Or it scares you to death to talk to people you don't know? It's even possible you're tired of watching people pretend that they're okay and life is great. Or truly it's because church isn't changing anything in your life. 
Whatever the reason, get clarity as to why you can't stand going to church. 
You there? You got it? Okay, now what?
Now put your reasons through a quick test, and ask yourself these three questions:
Am I thinking how God wants me to think?
Am I doing everything I can to make my church experience better?
Am I even partnering with the right church?
Get honest. Pray. Church truly is supposed to be our highlight of our week. If it's not, why not? 
You are Loved!