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It's Time We Normalize our Struggles

Never have I met a pristine man or woman. Every man or woman I've ever met has struggles. Some of us struggle with confidence. Some of us struggle with depression. Some of us struggle with anger and lust and greed. 
Our struggles may be different but we all struggle. 
It's time we normalize the reality of our personal challenges. It's not normal to be perfect. It's not even possible. So it's strange to project perfection when our experience is complete imperfection. 
Here's a list of honest struggles, even intense sins (past and present), I heard from people's personal stories this week alone:
- Pornography addiction
- Three abortions
- Relentless grief
- Fear of the future
- Doubting God
- Not able to understand scripture
- Scared about physical health
- Regret over a comment made in a social context
- Unloved by a father
- Working through life with a counsleor
While none of us want to be characterized by sin or intense personal struggles, it's normal to wrestle with imperfection. We need to talk about our issues. It's normal to struggle.
Are you ready to normalize your imperfection as you encounter other people? Here are some ways to get started:
- Accept your imperfection. 
- Trust your identity in Christ and Christ alone. 
- If you trust Jesus, then rememeber that you are completely forgiven. 
- Choose to share your struggles with people. 
- Brace for weird looks or silence or even rejection. 
- Hope for open ears and humble hearts. 
- Accept the imperfections of others. Be willing to listen. Have compassion. 
- Give all the Glory to Jesus! He is able to heal us and change us. 
Walls fall down when one person chooses to be courageous and real. It's time we normalize our struggles. When we do, we're all going to see the power of grace race through our hurts and sin and pain faster than we ever could have imagined. 
You Are Loved!
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