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Your Church Service Doesn't Need a Scoreboard

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Nowhere in the Bible does God tell us to rate every church service we attend. Spiritual growth doesn't happen only when our opinion of a worship service reaches a nine or ten out of a perfect ten. 
In every service, there's something for each one of us. There's a priceless piece of application. There's a truth we've not previously uncovered. There's a godly emotion experienced because of some incredible lyric sung or because of a hauntingly beautiful string struck in a worship set. 
And what about the people at church? God uses people in the hallways, too. How many times have you had an interaction with someone who smiled or listened or prayed for you and it changed your day, maybe it changed your life? 
Stop looking for the "performance" to be amazing and start looking for all the many ways God is going to encourage you and bless you on Sundays. 
Your pastor doesn't have to preach like Charles Spurgeon or Billy Graham. He doesn't have to be eloquent of speech or as funny as Jerry Seinfeld. If he's not wearing cool pants and the latest designer shirt, who cares!
Ask yourself this question, "Why am I going to the church I'm going to?" Is it because it's cool, or is it because God's working there?
Your worship pastor doesn't have to wear skinny jeans and a scarf to be an awesome worship leader. He or she doesn't have to sing like Celine Dion or Bon Jovi. 
Do we want excellence? Yes. Do we need perfection? No. Absolutely not. Mostly, we need God to move. We need God to work. That's what we need. We need God's glory to come down. 
Stop waiting to decide to grow personally or to be moved or massively challenged only if the church service was a nine out of ten. If your church is pointing to Jesus, then God is working.
So, look for it next time. Look for the power of God in every nook and cranny on Sunday mornings. It's there. And God's going to change your life in some small way or even in a very large way every single Sunday
You Are Loved!
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