Student Ministries

Welcome to Vertical Students.

We believe that church is about Jesus Christ and the glory of His Father. We believe that teenagers have a great purpose in Jesus- seeking Him, worshipping Him, and growing in Him. We believe teenagers need to grow in community, character, servanthood, leadership, all while having a lot of fun together.

We want to see inspired teenagers.

An inspired teenager seeks excellence as an athlete, an artist, a musician, a student- whatever we do, we do it for His glory (Col. 3:17). We see students pouring time into their activities in hopes of getting scholarships, jobs, or simply recognition. At Vertical Students, we’re seeking to take those good, God-given gifts and teach students to use them in the greatest way imaginable- for the glory of God.

When we live life for that, we get better at the things we do. Athletes will train harder and smarter as they learn to lead. Musicians and artists will pursue the intricacies of their craft to get to that next level. Hurting teens will find healing. Maturing teens will find a reason to grow.

It’s time to break the pattern. It’s time for massive growth, for fresh healing, for new leaders to emerge. Teens, it’s time to get inspired.

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