Vertical Life

You're ready to get connected, right? You're ready to grow? You're ready to be influenced by men and women who love Jesus and love you as well. Vertical Life is what you need. It's who we are. 

It's all of us becoming more like this: We’re becoming a community of men, women, teenagers, and children who are looking VERTICALLY to know how to live in this primarily here-and-now culture. We’re not a community that’s focusing on all the things we’re against, instead we’re reaching toward and teaching about all the things that Jesus is for. We’re for new salvations, soul-level healing, grace-filled relationships, big prayers, passionate and Christ-centered worship, sacrificial serving, fearless men, secure women, inspired teenagers, maturing children, pioneering leaders, multiple churches, and spirit-filled influence that will change the world.

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STEP 1: INTRO TO vertical life

We want to meet you! Step 1 happens every Sunday.  If you are visiting our church, you are invited to meet some of our staff, for just a few minutes, in the worship center, immediately after the service.  We'd love the opportunity to connect with you and give you a gift.

STEP 2: DNA OF vertical life

This is a one time class that digs into the DNA of who we are, what we believe, and what it means to be a part of Vertical Life.   

STEP 3: COMMIT to vertical life

Our desire is that everyone who calls Vertical Church their church home is an active member in the life of the church.  That can look different for different people, depending on their stage of life, giftedness, and schedules.  We strive to provide many different opportunities to help you get plugged in and be a part of Vertical Life!

  • Serve
  • Monthly Breakfasts
  • Small Groups
  • G3  (Groups of Three)
  • Social Events

If you have questions, or are ready to get involved in Vertical Life, email: