Making Disciples

How Can We Make Disciples?

Stage ONE Discipleship - "Bring them to FOOD" (These people are likely not yet saved.)

  • Pray that God will lead you to people who need the Lord
  • Be relational with people
  • Invite them to come to church
  • Pray with people
  • Help them understand a Christian worldview
  • Ask them about their life, engage in their life, and even provide for areas of need.

Stage TWO Discipleship - "FEED Them" (These people are unsaved or saved and need to know/grow)

  • Bring them to Small Group
  • Get them in a Group of Three (G3)
  • Buy them in a Bible
  • Go through the Bible with them
  • Make sure they understand the Gospel
  • Encourage them to worship at church regularly

Stage THREE Discipleship - "Help them to FEED Themselves" (These people are saved and need to understand how to meet with the Lord daily)

  • Buy them a book about how to study the Bible
  • Teach them about spiritual disciplines
  • Ask them to lead you through a passage
  • Encourage them to meet with the Lord daily

Stage FOUR Discipleship - "Empower them to FEED Others" 

  • Ask them to pray about someone to influence
  • Encourage them to start at Stage One discipleship
  • Go with them a few times when they go to Stage Two discipleship
  • Tell them to take 2 Timothy 2:2 seriously