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Big Fat Huge Prayers
Big, Fat, Huge Prayers!
Did you ever wonder how the characters in the Bible prayed? Was there a formula? Was there a certain way they approached God in prayer? 
Also, what kinds of things did they pray for? Did they pray for victory? Did they pray for God's will? Were prayers bold or were they more desperate? Were they eloquent or kind of forced out? 
Come join us  as we learn how prayer can change our lives, change our attitudes, change our circumstances, and mostly change our minds to think more like Jesus. 


Can you see it? Do you even know it's right before your eyes? Focus for a second. Actually, behold this truth in your mind's eye. 
Here it is. 
God loves His Church. God loves the Lost. God Loves You. He does. There's so much more to see if you would only stop for a second and take some time to stare upon the fullness of God's plan for all of us. 
In this series called SEE, we're going to focus on all that God has for our church, the unsaved, and even us as individuals. So, stop for a moment and allow the goodness of God's plan to encourage you to see more clearly!